2021 November Thoughts

Ziming Lan
1 min readDec 10, 2021

Had the medical review on my white blood cells recently again. It is a better news than my previous appointment although I’m not fully cleared yet on the issue. Chatted with the doctor a bit on how are they are dealing with the covid situation in which she jokes a little about hanging on for that big fat post covid bonus

November & December as usual are very difficult months for me in recent years as I struggle with a mystery that I still couldn’t understand. Doing what I felt was honourable & reasonable back then, only to be seen otherwise

On the bright side, have a few other friends who had their birthdays in Nov & Dec as well, which helped me in distracting myself a bit. I started to be more willing to spend more money on people birthdays as well. There is something nice about putting more efforts into gifts.