The 1st week of 2021

Ziming Lan
2 min readJan 7, 2021

Today (7 Jan) Thursday is a work from home day, which finally gave me the chance to catch a small breather in a work week that makes me feels really bad.

The week started off good on Tuesday, met with a person who asked me on Facebook for a lunch. We had not met for a year. As I expected, he commented about my long absence from that place. But thankfully he assumed it’s due more to covid instead of asking me why.

We chat about a few things, such as how is that place now, covid around the world & work life. I really miss that place much more than I thought but I also think some people would not want to see me there again. I felt like asking him about 2 mutual friends, but in the end I couldn’t bring myself to ask. Feels like a big regret.

Wednesday was the worst day of the week at work. I don’t wish to write much about it. Either way, it makes me feel really unfair & bad. I ended up not skipping lunch & dinner that day. Regained all that weight loss with the heavy eating. Ahahah.

It was pretty cathartic.

Thursday is today, had a Zoom work meeting in the morning but the rest of the day is otherwise decent, contacted a work colleague in another department whose last day is wednesday. I was supposed to treat him to a farewell dinner alone yesterday as I saw that his team is not treating him but he got sick. So we delayed it to next week.

Having said that much, I need to go back & rush some work now.