Old Man Journey

Ziming Lan
1 min readApr 13, 2022

About 2 days ago I was reminded again how the good things in life is often temporary. While I do mourn the sudden end of it. I’m also glad I learnt from the past & intentionally did not put too much emotional investment or allow myself to get close to people in the 1st place. So I think I should be able to recover from it.

I have also played a few other short games recently. The most recent 1 being Old Man Journey. It is about a man travelling a far distance to meet his ex spouse before she passes on. The obstacles are pretty easy but do still need some brain work. The art is beautiful too. It’s a good 2 hours of gameplay.

At different points in the game, the man will sit down & think about the past great moments, the past bad choices he made that led to the separation.

I’m just really glad they got to meet again in the end.