Is anything real?

Ziming Lan
1 min readJul 23, 2023


23 July 2023 Sunday

Today is supposed to be like any other Sunday in late July, waking up earlier, telling myself I should visit that place 1 more time to work towards closure only to not go & stayed home procrastinating instead

This continued to the late afternoon, when something surprised me. An US online gaming friend from my secondary school days suddenly messaged me.

It took me by complete surprise. His account was offline for so many years, even before the pandemic. Yet here he is alive & messaging me.

So we had a chat. It makes me wonder if miracles truly exist

I went on to play this game called Assemble with Care at night, in this game you took things apart to repair them, & through your repairs, you also helped to repair some relationships, about seeing things from the other perspective, from making a phone call.etc

It makes me think a lot, I wish it is truly that easy.

Well enough writing, I got to sleep soon