Coffee Talk, The Revisit

Ziming Lan
2 min readNov 18, 2023

17 Nov 2023

It’s been some time. Today is that day again I guess. I’m still not ready, with unexpected things delaying some of my plans again, things I wanted to be done before I do the delete. Maybe they are excuses. I don’t know

In the mean time, back to a self update to myself:

  • Revisited Australia to visit some of the friends I made during my school exchange. Met almost 10 of them to my surprise. For a place I only lived at for about half a year during my school exchange, I am still surprised at how the friends I made there seem closer to most of the friends I had in my own country. Everyone still pretty much looked the same except me who looked much older now. 1 of them got married, 2 of them got cancer, but on the whole everyone is still alive and kicking. The university has changed so much as well. I played with my friends 3 kids too for 3 days. The eldest kid still remembers me from my exchange days which I’m grateful for & the youngest 1 cried when I left
  • Bought a VR headset in late august in a bid to exercise more and lose weight. So far I’m making progress, tho I do find myself having to keep buying new games to not get bored in this fitness journey. As well as the arguments with my mum when she keep insist I eat her food
  • Went on my 2nd work trip this year in early November. Bought some snacks which unfortunately expires early next week when I found out through a last minute check, so had to bring forward some school friends meetup to hand them the snacks 1st. With it being so close to today, I had to postpone the big thing
  • More people at work chasing me for stuffs despite my leave. I wish those tasks could just disappear
  • Bought a game bundle and begin playing this short game called Coffee Talk. I bought that game bundle because I remembered reading a news last year that the creator of Coffee Talk has passed. The game mostly works as a visual novel as you read through various interpersonal relationships conflicts and making the occasional coffee for the customer as a barista while listening to them. I learn a couple of new coffee variants as well. I look forward to getting coffee talk 2 if it is on sale or as part of a game bundle next time

It must be this year, I really do think so. I really hope going with my 2nd most preferred choice over my 1st is really the right decision