Before 2022 Ends Part 1

Ziming Lan
2 min readDec 20, 2022

The world cup is over, Argentina has won. Hence, I was watching and didn’t write this on Sunday. Anyway, back to topic.

For many months I set myself a goal: To revisit the place I used to visit regularly on on weekend mornings once before the year ends. I felt that it is important to do so, to see how strongly I still feel about it.

Eventually, I decided to do it, only 2–3 more weekends left this year I told myself and next week is Christmas which means more people, making it much harder. Reached that place about 30 minutes late, pausing multiple times. As I slowly entered and walk up the staircases, a sense of dread filled me, is this the right thing to do? It was too much stress and I went back out to the bus stop to rest a while before trying again.

It was at this moment, a person approached, asking for directions on which bus to take, she couldn’t speak English, but I eventually figured out where she wants to go. I checked google maps and told her the bus number. Seeing that she has some form of disability, I offered to take bus with her to the location as well. So we went.

During the time I was with her, I think I was partly using this as a convenient excuse to not enter that place. We reached the location eventually and we parted ways. Looking at my watch it’s around afternoon now, so I went home.

And so I did not achieve my objective of facing my past again. Running away from it by choosing to help a stranger.

I’m not sure how to interpret all this. Will I go back to that place again?