It’s been some months so I thought I jot down some of my recent notable experiences

Neon Genesis Evangelion

Finally took the time to watch this anime after delaying it for years. The central theme of the anime is the Hedgehog’s Dilemma. …

Recently, I finished watching this anime called Banana Fish.

The ending hits really hard.

In the manga, Ash reads the letter, regrets his earlier decision to not meet his departing close friend, rushes to the airport only to be stabbed & bleed to his demise at the library. In the anime, Ash is stabbed too & went unconscious at the library as he continues bleeding. However Ash’s final fate is left open ended in the anime as they don’t show what happens next.

I didn’t read the manga, but nevertheless I kept comparing between the 2 sad endings. Which is the better of the 2?

If there was any consolation, it’s the fact that Ash does regret his earlier decision to not meet after reading the letter.

& that, actually meant so much

This early morning I woke up overhearing what I believed to be a very bad news. It appears to be something about a relative. Then I hear the footsteps of my parents quickly leaving home. Which is unusual. I didn’t dare to face reality by asking & instead buried my…

Today (7 Jan) Thursday is a work from home day, which finally gave me the chance to catch a small breather in a work week that makes me feels really bad.

The week started off good on Tuesday, met with a person who asked me on Facebook for a lunch…

30 Dec was the last day in office for the year for me, given the alternate day working arrangement.

Naturally, I decided not to go home again to think about things. It’s likely my last chance for the year after all. …

Yesterday I got to meet my ex-prof at university to help him decide on some academic matters. He has gotten fatter but is otherwise the same good person I know. The discussion is pretty simple, I share about my work experience so far as a team lead & help him…

Interacted with 2 people today.

1st was a rare notification on Telegram this morning. I was initially quite nervous wondering if it was who I thought it was & if it’s something bad, that I ended up watching some shows 1st. But it turns out 1 of my former profs…

It’s Christmas 2020 today. Staying at home in this Covid year.

What better way to sum it up than with a Christmas Advert Song?

It’s precisely described how I felt for a long time.

Somewhere only we know

Lyrics —
I walked across an empty land
I knew the pathway…

It’s 2:19 am now on 24th Dec

I didn’t go home again as I really felt I needed another day like 22nd Dec to think about things alone.

Like 21st Dec, 23rd Dec didn’t start off well either with another drama at work. Skipped breakfast, lunch & dinner this time…

It’s 3:35 am now as I write this 1st sentence on 22nd Dec 2020.

I did not go home. Had a really bad day at work yesterday over something that should be such a simple issue.

I ended up going to the external staircases area of my office building again…

Ziming Lan

Lan Ziming

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