Will this be the last year?

Ziming Lan
1 min readNov 16, 2022


10 more minutes, I don’t think I can publish this before midnight

I’ve been thinking… Why is a nice closure so important to me…

The pandemic is finally nearing the end (I hope). For some reasons this year felt like deja vu all over again to the last year of my university studies

  • Made a new online close friend whose birthday is on the exact same date as…
  • Going to vietnam soon for a short while due to work
  • The horrible sunburn I got during my last year of university in Australia. Over the years let’s just say it has only gotten worse, but this year especially

It’s almost 4 am now, I should go sleep and maybe continue this when I’m awake.

Various people must be laughing & looking down on me for my inability to move on from this mystery & I wouldn’t be surprised.

In terms of games, I played a few more indie short games since. Many of them giving me a unique perspective. The one I remembered most in recent memory is the a game called Omno, where in the ending scene, after a long journey, they chose not to cross the gate to the unknown paradise. Choosing to stay in the current world instead.